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Our school has gained its institutional quality as the "Kaynarca School of Applied Sciences" with the number 28162 of the official newspaper dated January 3, 2012. With the Decree published in the Official Gazette dated May 18, 2018, Sakarya University of Applied Sciences (SUBU) was established and our school became a SUBU. Our school became a “Faculty” with the Presidential Decree No. 1613 published in the
official newspaper dated 04 October 2019 and numbered 30908. The departments accepted by the Higher Education Institution (YÖK) in our faculty are: International Trade and Logistics, Banking and Insurance and International Business and Trade. 

The faculty started education by accepting students to the International Trade and Logistics Department in the 2014-2015 academic year. Student admissions for the other two departments are ongoing. Our faculty was established to train qualified manpower for the rapidly developing international trade and logistics, banking and insurance sectors of our country and all businesses operating in national and international fields offering a 4-year training program. The faculty has 9 faculty members. It is located 25 km from the centre of Sakarya.

It is built in the district of Kaynarca in Sakarya, and its building was built by Seyfettin SELİM and donated to our University. There are 8 classrooms, a library, a computer room and a conference hall and 25 academic and administrative study rooms in a total indoor area of ​​2,450 m2 (Ground floor 810m2, 1 and 2 floor 820 m2).